Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every aspect of the automotive procurement process, commencing with market research and culminating in the finalization of deals and documentation. We offer full-fledged auction system, including facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the system and aiding in product selection. Our commitment extends to imparting knowledge of the auction system, empowering our clients to participate in bidding from anywhere across the globe. We specialize in order-based acquisitions on behalf of our clientele, offering comprehensive assistance with documentation.

We serve as a valuable support system for online bidding, offering a purchase-on-order service on behalf of our esteemed clientele. Our dedicated efforts include guiding clients through the intricacies of the auction system, aiding in product selection, and transferring comprehensive knowledge to enable our customers to participate in bids from any global location. Through our platform, we provide an extensive array of options, consolidating numerous choices for our clients within a single website.

Within our network, we maintain registered dealers and manufacturers who auction both new and pre-owned vehicles and machinery. When a client engages in live bidding, our administrative officer initiates contact to gather bidding details. Upon confirmation, we proceed to procure the desired vehicle on the client's behalf. Subsequently, we facilitate the same payment and shipment procedures to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process.

Leading Logistics offers comprehensive documentation support to our customers throughout the entire purchase-to-delivery process. We serve as a conduit for all communication between the auction house and our valued clientele.

At this juncture, we extend login credentials exclusively to our registered users, affording them access to our comprehensive stock list. Within our platform, users enjoy the convenience of making purchases and have full visibility into their transactions, spanning from the initial purchase to the shipping process, all conveniently accessible within their profile. Our website is characterized by its commitment to transparency, providing users with authentic information pertaining to our vehicles and company policies, thus enhancing its appeal and ease of navigation.