Why Leading Logistics

Robust Connectivity with Auction Houses

Leading Logistics provides a steadfast assurance of our capability to facilitate the acquisition of any desired used vehicle through Japanese auctions. Over time, we have cultivated a robust network of exporters spanning across Japan. This extensive network grants us access to a vast inventory, comprising over 120,000 vehicles auctioned weekly through renowned auction houses such as TAA, CAA, USS, AUCNET, MIRIVE, AAA, HAA, JU, NAA, KCAA, and several others renowned for their consistent offerings of high-quality used Japanese vehicles.

Competitive Service Fees

Leading Logistics has earned a reputation for its streamlined and cost-efficient operations, enabling us to seamlessly deliver high-quality vehicles from auction houses directly to our customers, while maintaining minimal commission charges. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ongoing efforts to enhance our systems and sales operations. We continuously refine our procurement channels, expand our networks, optimize cost-effective sales strategies, and facilitate a seamless export process to serve our global customer base.

On-Site Examination and Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Before proceeding with bid placements on behalf of our valued clients, we undertake an on-site visit to the auction house to conduct a thorough assessment of the vehicles. Our dedicated and highly skilled inspection team, provided through our established export channel partnerships, meticulously evaluates the following key aspects of each vehicle:

  • Each component, including indicator lamps, lenses, and winkers.
  • CV joint rubber components, power windows, and central locking systems.
  • Suspension components and bushes.
  • Steering racks, windshield wipers, and horn mechanisms.
  • The powertrain, encompassing both the engine and transmission.
  • Driveshaft assemblies.

Routine Maintenance & Cleaning

After successfully securing the auction, the vehicle undergoes a meticulous cleaning and maintenance process carried out by our team of skilled automotive technicians, prioritizing safety and quality.

Our team of seasoned mechanics conducts a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle's condition, optimizing its performance and ensuring its suitability for long-term use. Should any malfunctions or faults be identified, our technicians promptly address and rectify them prior to the vehicle's shipment to you.

Upon completion of the maintenance procedures, we place a strong emphasis on thorough interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle. Our meticulous cleaning process encompasses the following areas of the car.

  • Utilization of steam cleaning techniques for engine, underbody, and chassis.
  • Application of a clear spray and wax coating to both the dashboard and engine compartment.
  • Application of chassis coating in black paint for the vehicle's frame and underbody.

The primary objective of this meticulous cleaning and protective coating is to ensure that the vehicle dispatched by us reaches you in a pristine condition, safeguarded against corrosion and other potential hazards throughout the shipment process.

We systematically replace worn-out tires and deteriorated batteries with high-quality replacements in excellent condition. This meticulous process guarantees that once the vehicle arrives in your country, you can confidently enjoy a comfortable driving experience.

Purchasing a new vehicle constitutes a substantial decision and a significant financial commitment. That is precisely why, from the moment you initiate your inquiry with us, we are committed to ensuring that your experience is characterized by the highest level of comfort and reassurance.

I take great pride in emphasizing our distinctive approach to automobile sales. Our 'Customer-First' policy underscores our commitment to prioritizing your needs. Our proficient and highly trained team's foremost objective is to comprehensively grasp your specific requirements before offering expert guidance and assistance to ensure you make an informed and judicious decision.

When you acquire a vehicle from our establishment, the transaction signifies the inception of a lasting relationship. This commitment ensures that you benefit from a comprehensive range of after-sales and technical services, facilitated by our state-of-the-art service facilities and adept technical team. As a company, our enduring pride lies in our service excellence, and we remain dedicated to its ongoing enhancement. Consequently, regardless of the vehicle's origin, be it a Japanese, European, or American manufacturer, you can consistently expect nothing short of the highest quality service, without exception.

For customers seeking fully reconditioned vehicles, our services encompass the installation of new tires and batteries, along with the replacement of any faulty components. Our comprehensive reconditioning process includes thorough cleaning of engines and upholstery, resulting in an overall enhancement of the vehicle's condition. Sedan/Saloon models typically exhibit excellent maintenance from their previous owners. The extent of reconditioning work undertaken is tailored to your preferences, and we are equipped to execute any necessary modifications to align with your specific requirements.

We extend a cordial invitation for you to explore the available vehicle listings within the auction houses and our dedicated customer area. It is our sincere aspiration that this initial communication will inspire your interest in establishing a potentially mutually beneficial business partnership with our organization. Should you seek further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience via email, phone, or WhatsApp. We are readily available to assist you.